Dextrum provides services that complement its core manufacturing business. These can be broadly grouped in the following categories:

Regulatory Affairs

Our groups of regulatory affairs experts have over 20 years experience dealing with the FDA and other federal and state regulatory agencies. Dextrum’s team can help you navigate the complicated regulatory landscape with one goal in mind—the successful implementation of your product. So whether you need ongoing advice on a product you are manufacturing with us, or would just like a one-off consultation, let Dextrum’s experts help you.

Formulation Development

Our team provides the expertise you need in formulation development for dietary supplements, cosmetics and over the counter products. These formulations are custom developed to meet your exact requirements as well as comply with current regulations.


Raw materials and finished products are meticulously tested to guarantee the utmost quality, and meet label specifications according to validated methods.

Customized Packaging & Labeling

We can package your product in glass or plastic bottles that run the gamut of colors and sizes. Each product leaves our lines with all requisite information, such as lot and expiration number, and with proper inspection. We make sure that all products manufactured in our facilities meet our stringent quality control standards.

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